i need some opinion on my final year project..
i need to make the proposal and the complete system in just 4 months in time....it's kinda hard..i'm just starting to feel miserable......i just dont wanna make it all again,,,
can anyone help me by suggesting any system that can be develop????

I don't think this is the right place to be searching for a proyect. But who knows, maybe I'm wrong and daniweb could be of help.

You could start by saying first what are you interested in.

A complete portal with shopping,forums,blogs,date,grooming,newsletters,subscriptions,movie galleries etc
This is the best...

A mandarin script class to convert Pinyin or romanized characters to chinese writing and visualize it using GD, all-in-one package, would be very useful.

thanks for the ideas...
i'm thinking something bout the office management or wedding planner or pets...is it useful??

i've exaggerated a bit with the pinyin tool :) chinese is always a pain.

i'd like more office management... maybe like a mini-m.y.o.b. package, taking it from a very simple perspective.