I am having difficulty setting my computer up in order to do JSP. Some people are telling me to use Jakarta others are saying Apache Tomcat. When I try to find the things to download there are so many options with little or not tutorials accompaining it. Could someone provide some assistance in what needs to be done to get started.

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I suggest you use the Tomcat mentioned on here.
If my info is correct Apache Tomcat was known as Jakarta Tomcat back in the days when it was a part of the Jakarta Project (which is also a part of Apache), but now it is a full fledged Apache project and hence the name change to Apache Tomcat. In fact if you check the Jakarta Project home page here, you will see tomcat listed as an Ex-Jakarta project.
The latest version currently available is 6.0.16 and comes bundled with quite a few examples.

Here is tutorial how to set up Tomcat on Windows machine