I want to begin a new project for company the project about
Document Management System over internet
In ASP.NET and SQL server
they want to uploade the file and download ,edite file delete
the company has main office it connect to 9 company
how can i know the table first

can u specify u r query,step by step.The query u gave is confusing

man have companys
he want to know about his companys
online (internet)
i want to do project that each company
uploading the document e.g word document to server then they can delete ,edit the document online.
the owner of this companys can see every document online

i had specify the tables like this
1- companys
5-file type word,pdf.exal


u can store these documents in a folder and can edit or delete file from this folders.
based on login u can discriminate owner and others.if he is owner use a datagrid to display all the documents with edit and delete options.If are stuck with some this,post we will help.