Hi guys. I have this problem, i have a script which is handling file uploads. when running it on my local machine (WAMP--Apache 2.0; PHP 5.1.4) the script works well and all files are uploaded well. However on using the script on my server (LAMP -- Apache 2.0; PHP 5.1.4) it gives an error code 6 from $_FILES. Although it means that my temp dir is not set, it is set, and on doing a phpinfo(); it shows the uploaded_temp_dir path to be set.
Wat can be the problem????

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Are you sure the path for temp dir is correct in your php.ini file ?

Yes the temp folder path is correct since i can navigate to it, and its the one with 766 permissions. This temp folder is not Linux temp folder but a folder i have set manually.


This is probably just a stupid blip on my wampserver but i had the problem a while back and solved it via setting the permissions to 777. And when your seting them are you doing it through dreamweaver or on your remote mysql.

One other thing, make sure the permissions of the USER on your remote server has permission to write to your site.

Hope this helps but im sure most of its just nonsense.

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