I'm new to php, but not new to either html or c or c++. From what I understand, if you understand C++, php is rather easy. So, I decided to attempt my first php project.

I wanted to make a ticket type system but for administrator's of a site to work on tasks and post updates for the owners.

So, one of the owners would log in, post a new task. Then one of the worker bee's would log in and assign it to them, and record progress on it.

Know of any type of freeware ticket system in exsistance I could learn from?

I know basically have to start a SQL database for it, write to information to the database, then retrieve it when requested. I would just like a starter app to base this off of.


we use eGroupWare at work and it seems to work well. I have written my own reports from it because the reporting isn't the best, also written an external form to submit tasks into it, the database is straight forward. I don't know if that is the type of application you are talking about. There are levels of administration and every user has their own ownership and responsibility of tasks. It has timesheets, infologs, projects etc...