Hey people, first I would like to say hi to you all. :-| You see I'm a beginer is the computer industry, I'm still in college right now. And I really love to learn more. Could you pleas give me some links where I can find free tutorials and free ebooks on Java and JSP? and some computer networking technology terms and how tos as well? :-| Please....

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some suggestions:
1) first try to search with google (use + and other logic ops to obtain a better search)

2) look at Sun docs and examples, the Java doc is a bit worse than the old version, but it's always one of the best doc's... ;-)

3) there are a lot of sources, articles, examples, snippets, around the web, use point (1) also to search some of them

4) try try try and then if you don't find anything with points from (1) to (4), then you can post on forums your questions.

5) on forums use a title that is clear and focused on your question, don't use a title like "help" or "problem" they are too general... Use some like: "Java, inheritance" or "XML, XSL, Xalan" and so on...

I hope that you understand my poor English friend! ^_^

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