Hi Guys

I need some help please. I have a CF Knowledge Management System that I'm working on. I however have an issue with the security. When the session times out after the set time the user is able is use the back function of the browser to visit the pages that have been opened prior to the session timeout. If however the click on any of the buttons on any of the forms (calling for some server processing) the user is taken to the login page.

The situation that I'm looking at having is that when the session times out either there is an auto redirect (I'm not running any AJAX on this application) to the login page or when a user uses the back function they should not be able to open the prior opened pages but instead be redirected to the login page.

Your help with this problem will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance

An off the cuff solution that I think might work is to have something like the following javascript code:

function sessionTimeout()