hello everyone,

im a new portal developer and the portal developer that i replaced used ASP in all portals that he did.
now, what i need to do is continue the unfinished portals that he did out of ASP.
i am not familiar with ASP because i am using PHP.


Is there a way that i could convert all his ASP pages to PHP so that i could have no problem modifying it?

or should i just study ASP?

Would it take time to study it?

note that those are portals, which means that those were not just normal webpages.
thanks for the help..

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i faced same problem i searched it and not satisfied with the result, i found a site in which if we paste asp code we will get php code but not completely. sorry i lost it and not able to find it again for u. my suggestion is understand the requirements and develop asp code to php code
if i foud it again i will surely forward the url to u.
all the best:)


hi praveen_dusari ,
thank you for your reply and for the effort of finding it for me.
actually i found also one URL like the one you are describing, you just paste codes of asp and then itll convert into PHP codes. problem is it is applicable only for simple asp pages..like i said, i am modifying portals which means, complicated asp codes were used.lots of databases thats why im having troubles converting it. So what do you think? Would i just study ASP?or it would take me time to understand it fully?thanks again for your response.


There are a number of converters. I'm not sure how good any of them work but you can find them here.

Thanks for providing the link. i would also try this one, lets see if it'll work.!
thank you for your response. :)

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