How are you all.
I have set up a PHPBB Forum with Version 3.0.0. software. I saw a PHPBB3 (Version 3.0.0) skin on phpbbhacks. I downloaded the Zip file to my C drive, and extracted the file with 7zip to folders.I used WS FTP client to upload the files and folders to directadmin cp.I changed the permissions to 777(folders) and 666(files).I had tried to upload the tar.gz file but wold not extract it, prior to conversion.
I have gone into phpbb acp, but the file is not there, only prosilver or subsilver(install).
Can anyone advise please?:icon_exclaim:

just open style.cfg in notepad,it should be in the root folder of the skin and search for "(General Information about this style name) = XXXXX"
"XXXXX" is the name that you should place there but be sure it is diffrent than any name of any current listed skin,i hope you still need the answear!
the thing is your skin does not show becase it has the same name as an existing one "prosilver" in your case,hope this helps ;)!