hi all,
i am to company which has assigned project hopital mangt given ide net beans to which i am new, i am writing html in jsp like patient name, age, in a table. i am confused i am more to html not to jsp can we use html in netbeans plz help its urgent .evenging shud submit

thanks, hey i am getting deployment error tel u y, wen i created a new project in net beans, it asked me to add browser i selected tomcat5.5. then it asked CATALINA HOME path i did so then USERNAME PASSWORD : these ppl didnt help me so i gave systems userid and password so getting de[ployment error. can't build.then i created new project in which i idnt get any add browser option so i selected but stuill i am getting same bulid problen wat to do shud delete project and do new or wat plz help???

  1. Would be nice if you started to take care how you write, decrypting your last message took me long
  2. What version/type of NetBeans you using if you do not have Apache already with it?
  3. If you choose to use stand alone installation of Tomcat then it has to be the zip version (or tar in *nix case) as Windows installer doesn't provide bat files in Tomcat/bin folder need it by NetBeans in order to use it
  4. If you get errors from your project or IDE please provide full reading of them, not just partial what you remember

yes true thanh u very much i was so tensed,so i did. its k now because of dat problem i am using notepad instead of IDE and running it in tomcat , for jsp its working now i am coding servlet to retrive data from database, and must configure it inorder to work in tomcat...dat is in server.xml shud set context path all these..... so thank u once again.... for replying for my doubts..tommorow last day for project interview so if any doubts i will back again plz dont mind.......

If you not sure on using NetBeans you can try JCreator LightEdition which available for free. It does not support integrated Tomcat environment but you can comfortable compile your servlets in it. Just be careful with beans, they have to be compiled separately and execution parameters not modified it will create another folder with compiled classes inside existing bean folder