we have this assignment to make a webpage where the user can add/insert/delete /save data to a database. the program is already finished and i had it up and running perfectly. like, all the functions work. but when i transfered it to another computer, it would not display any data from the database. is it incompatibility with MySQL or with java? im using jsp to develop the site but im not really sure where the problem lies... so can anyone please help? thanks!

Surely you must have kept some sort of exception handling / logging in your code to help you pinpoint the error/fault? Also, since the code was previously working, it has surely got something to do with your configuration.

Which type of database driver are you using? Type 1 which uses DSN or Type 4 type pure driver? If Type 1 then you need to create a DSN again on the new machine. Also, checking the error logs of your Application Server / Servlet Container might further clarify the issue.

If you just trying show-casing on different pc make sure that it has installed Java, Tomcat server, MySQL server and that you transferred your little database to the MySQL server

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to peter_budo: yes, all those apps are installed in all the pc's im using. and i made new databases instead of exporting/importing them. and yes. im sure the databases are correct since i can manipulate data in them. i double check using mysql query browser and the mysql cmd line client.

to ~s.o.s~: i really dont know which type of driver. our teacher just gave us a mysql-connector-java.jar file. they said this is the driver. so im using that one. in all the programs and pc's again. im sorry, im still new at JSP and im not really good at it. but im trying. ^^

Without any exception messages / stack traces or logs it would be difficult for us to help you out.

~s.o.s~: thank you for reminding me of the exception messages. i remembered the tomcat5.exe thingy. i used it to view the exceptions and errors. i solved it already! thank you so much!!! :D