Hello Everyone,

i have a problem with the application i'm building,

what i need is to import Excel Data into sqlServer which is on a remote Server.

the tricky part is that i can't upload any file to the server so the import has to be made on client side.

my initial thoughts were to use Javascript to import the excel Data into a hidden form or asp.net control and than use this control to import the data at server side.

is there any easy way with asp.net to accomplish that?

thanks for the help

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Did you every find a solution to this. I'm in need of the same thing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Eventually i followed what i wrote in my earlier post.

basically I've used javascript to get data from excel sheet (each post 10 rows) and to insert the data into hidden table in the page.
so if the user wanted to import 100 rows from excel sheet the application would do 10 post back.
at each post the data was in the table so i could handle it on server side.

hope it helps

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