can any one help in coding for online examination system .
As iam a beginner even i donn't know complete conceptt of jsp,servlets.
But in my company they have given me this project and a dead line of 20 days...........
so please,/............

jwenting commented: stupid homework kiddo -4

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Well welcome to the World of Software Development then, and as far as JSP/Servlets basics are concerned if you would have just look a couple of threads below is a thread mentioned JSP How to Start. That should help you get your basics up in JSPs and servlets.

no company gives a rookie a project to run on his own.
no company gives anyone a project with no specs except "we want an online examination system".
no company would give that rookie a deadline of 20 days to build a complete system.
no company would agree with you plagiarising someone elses code.

From all this only one conclusion is possible: you're a sick lazy homework kiddo that's trying to trick others into doing your school assignment for you.

And no, we're not going to do that. We love to see kiddos like you fail miserably, it's better than you deserve.

I already Done That proj in 10 days
presently iam completing my 4th project.......
But All are intranet apllications not internet

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