Is this possible?

I want to use my CF8 box to somehow read a directory structure on a PHP box.

The reason:
We upload videos to a PHP server but we want to know what is there -- using our CF8 server.

What do you think?

Thanks, in advance for your help.


I have three suggestions that you can go with. I can provide further info on each depending on what direction you want to go.

1. Set up a ftp server on the php box that will allow you to do a directory listing of the folder on the php box and use cfftp to read the contents of the folder. This is the solution that I recommend (since its the most straight forward).

2. Write a php file on the php box that will check for a url variable called passkey and check it against a pre shared key (just create a 20 character long random string). Use php to get a list of files in teh directory you want. Next echo a comma delimited string of files. You can use | to add other information on the files that you want. Now write a cfml file that uses cfhttp to read this file while passing in the pre shared key in the url string. Get the filecontent out of the cfhttp structure and deconstruct the comma delimited string.

3. You can also create a web service written in php that will provide a basic method of reading files on the php box via cf8. The only issue is that sometimes cf and other web development languages don't play nicely together via web services.