Hi All,
I want to know that, if i have developed a project using asp.net c# and i also in asp.net and code in vb.net, can i use any form of vb.net code in c#.net without any change?
:) Please increase my knowledge.

Depends where your code is. If it is all in separate code-behinds you should be ok. You can't mix vb and c# in the same code-behind or in the app_code folder though.

hi a496761.. thanks for reply.
But i think its not allowed. I created a c#.net project for asp.net and merged a vb.net form in it i.e from another asp.net project. but its giving error. so i think it will not done.

Not sure what the issue is, but it definitely is possible. Using the codesubdirectories tag in the web.config even lets you add subdirectories to App_Code and you can have vb in one and c-sharp in the other.

are you talking about .net 1.0 ?
if yes, then that's grate. :)
do you know any link for more information ?

I know you can if you are using Visual Studio to develop the project. Visual Studio will allow VB.Net and C# to be blended. I think Visual Web Developer will too but I am not really sure.