hello all...

At my project , need for creating cards online..In detail , i have provided the users with some back grounds,images and text...then user make a card by selecting the backgrounds,images, resizing them,entering text into that final image...

To do this , my completed work is : i made all images draggable,resizable and merging of all...
but when i merge all these , the final output comes with the original images not dragged images...
and also i want to know the position where user placed the small image on background image..

please post me any resource....

thank you,

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Are you sure you are saving the user preferences i.e. the position of the dragged images, the newly manipulated size etc.? Does this card making activity involve making multiple HTTP requests to the sever or is it a client side activity i.e. no page reloads? If yes, then you can save the user preferences in Javascript variables and use the same settings when displaying the finished product. If you are making multiple requests, storing the preferences in the server session or in cookies would be more like it.

Since you are already done with the product, saving the image/text locations and their new dimensions shouldn't be that tough.

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