Hi guys sorry if i piss anyone off buy posting it twice was advise to post here regards the script element of my thread
<URL SNIPPED> the link is furthwer down the page so you can look after reading my plea for help NICE1
Hello Guys I have built a website over the past month from the ground up.
It is a health and fitness website for people who maybe overweight and maybe don't like gyms so much, basically giving practical advice on how to stay fit and healthy:

* The website looks basic i know that
* I would like to allow users to add content and put there own diet exercise and relaxation tips on there
* I would also like for people to be able to comment on each individual page
* I know i am being demanding now but the other thing i cannot work out is how people make pages pop up within a page.


I have been working on it as i said for a month now almost solid, prior to begining this project i basically only knew how to email and navigate around the internet i have taught myself from the bookBrilliant Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 (in colour i needed the pictures lol)

I would love your help and advice and also any constructive critisism about the site.
I know it looks basic so any tips to improve it would be much loved.

Anyway this is a genuine call for help all the stuff on the site is original are if not has been credited to the autur, the site is not add filled i took google ads off as it was taking to many visitors away, i have a few amazon ads on there but i was only seeing how it would work.

So finally promice i will stop going on now any ideas how i can turnm a profit i am currently getting about 200 tp 400 unique visitors per day. obviosuly i want to increase this.

My advice to you is to use a free CMS software, and add a theme to it.

Wordpress is a good example of one that might work. The learning curve isn't so hard, and it can do all of what you want there with minimal tweaking (it's really not just for blogs). Wordpress runs on PHP so that should be fine.

Page pop-ups can be done via javascript.