Hii All,
I am working on Drupal right now, well, the problem I am facing is that I am not being able to track the flow bcoz I am not familiar with the urls,

for. e.g
in the <form> tag the action attribute says "action=user/manage/books/add"

What does this mean? On which page does the flow go on pressing submit?
All I want to know is on which .php page does the flow go....

All suggestions are welcome, I will be glad.

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Can I manually add a row to the database?

I am integrating a project in drupal.
By performing an "Add" operation I know which tables are being updated in the database.
But I am confused about the nid(node id I guess) and the vid(I dont know whats this), I dont know from where these 2 things are inserted in the table.

And I dont think its the right way to insert data in the database tables this way...
Or is it?


I don't see why you wouldn't be able to manually add the rows...

The URL is not stored in the database, it is stored in the .htaccess file in the root directory... When you view a page, it will appear in the URL as 'http://domain.com/view/node/1234' where 1234 is the 'nid' in the database.

If you open the .htaccess file and look for user/manage/books/add it will tell you which page it is actually going to.



I have manually added the rows in drupal in the tables I know whic has to be affected.................
Its just working fine till now.............

Hope so it works further...!!


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