hi there
can anybody please help me out....i just start learning asp.net and have downloaded visual web developer 2008 Express Edition....and it opens my .aspx file.....but i want to check its contents on my browser.....i wrote the simple program that prints Hello world in the center with the yellow background.....first i saved this file as .html and opened it successfully with my browser.....then i saved it as .aspx and it display the entire code instead of giving output like html did
i m using Windows XP and have Microsoft .NET framework 1.1, 2.0 with SP2, 3.0 with SP2, 3.5 with SP1 and have Microsoft Windows SDK for visual studio 2008 SP1 Express tools for .NET framework.....i also put check in front of IIS in add/remove windows component but still nothing happen:( ....i m using IE 7.0....i will be very grateful to u if u can guide me what to do.....because i m new in asp.net.....

thanx in adance


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aspx is not straight html code, it must be compiled, whether thats at runtime or precompiled

you can right click on your file in visual studio and click view in browser, this will launch the vs asp.net host to allow you to view it, otherwise you need to publish to iis to view it

hey thanks a lot
it worked..... thanks for your guidance....i really appreciate your help

yeah hit the play button icon in VWD and it will start up a mini web server for you.

try creating a new web project and copy your helloworld html code into default.aspx file of the newly created project i hope it helped

You got XP pro, vista? or what? what version?

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