Hi there
i have a page on which i have button to print the page
but the problem is before printing user needs to change the print option manually to landscape.
is there any wy tht user simply click print button and it got printed in portrait.
as uer dont want to go and select orientation option.
help will be greatly ppreciated.
thanking u in advance

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You can't do it via ASP!
I think that you could only print your document to a PDF or to a RTF and set the orientation to landscape


thanx for your reply
but i m not agree with you at the point
i m still on searching and inshahAllah will let u know once i get thte answer.
from my previous experience i have one advice for u which will help u in future never say cant in programming.


Hi there,

Well I agree with you both!
Actually first answer in you can’t change the browser preferences using web scripting. Sorry,

But you may use the activeX or high end programming to do this but that will be easily blocked by client side because of security reasons,
Well I am still not sure about this; see these articles, these may help you! (Not Sure ;) )


Best regards,
Rahul Dev

P.S.:- I also would like to know the actual solution of the problem,

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