Hai, I had a small shopping web site. Need alert my clients through SMS every day. I need for help in " How to do SMS through my web site, in which the sender of the sms must be "my website name " . My hosting is Apache... and i am a PHP programmer..... Please help me.... I want to do at least 500-1000 sms perday . . . .

There was a simular post not long ago located at http://www.daniweb.com/forums/thread61688.html
However, it was mentioned in the link above that it is not free to send a sms from a website. You will need to subscribe to a provider that can provide you with php code for your website. An example of a php+sms provider is at http://www.clickatell.com/developers/php.php so the code will vary from provider to provider. Try asking the providers for the best sms+php deals as you will need to pay somebody to deliver the sms messages (and php can't read the protocole for that).

First is you need to know how to send SMSes via the Computer, there are basically two ways :-

  1. GSM Modem or a GPRS Modem (or a Cell Phone acting as one) connected to your Computer
  2. SMS Service Provider, this is the second method and the preferred method for you since you are planning around 1000 smses per day.

For Sending SMSes via the GSM Modem you will need to search for some PHP API which can be used as such, I am aware only of a Java API which will allow you to connect to a GSM Modem, it is called SMSLib. Note the SIM card that you will be putting in your GSM Modem will be charged for each message you send.

However for you a Bulk SMS Service provider would be a more viable option since they will definitely offer cheaper rates than what your network service provider is offering. Also they might give you an HTTP API which you can directly call from within your PHP pages and no need to worry about GSM Modems or anything like it (I know cause the firm where I work offers that). Just google for "bulk sms providers india" or something similar and you should get a pretty comprehensive list of sms providers. Also many providers also give you Delivery Reports from which you can ascertain whether an SMS actually reached the cell phone or not.