hello, i'm new to jsp but i'm not new to web development and been doing PHP for quite some time... I download Java EE and SDK from sun microsystems website and from there when I installed everything, there's a ready made middle ware software to host jsp pages and servlets. I created a class and it's fully functioning. The problem is I do not know where to put the class file so that I can just use it on my jsp pages.

\Java\JEE\domains\domain1 <--- that's my root folder

Although I've tried searching this on the net but it seems like most of the tutorial are based on Apache Tom Cat. I don't want to switch to apache tom cat.

You are working on Glassfish (At least it seems so). I would have given you the exact data how to deploy, but the net at my place is ridiculously slow so you will have to find it out from the following link yourself.
Normally we make a WAR file and deploy using the "admin" interface of glassfish.