I've installed with my tomcat, connected to sql with jsp and did the same thing with asp.net I've checked the speed with for loops as seconds but I've posted to be sure, thanks.

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I think you just made a mistake to posting this sort of question. Both sides Java and .NET will claim their solution is better. There are pron and cons on both sides
I have no idea what you trying to accomplish therefore you should go with technology you are more comfortable


asp.net and jsp cannot be compared.....both are diff. technologies offering developing static and dynamic websites....its completely depend on somebody's personal thinking whichever he/she want's to use....so proceed with the one you think best suited to you....

happy programming...


Here is $.01 comment on this. Both are equally powerful technologies. They both use frameworks offering similar functionality. Java was little behind on the GUI part but now it has caught up. I must say that there is a fierce competition between the two technologies. .NET latest version is 3.5 and J2EE is on 5. and both are a work in progress trying to come up with even better Frameworks.
Both have very easy to use IDE's VS 2008 & Net. Beans.

So its really is upto you which one you like, I would rather say whatever language you are comfortable in C#, VB.NET or Java. The call is yours.

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