Hello guys,
A Client walked upto me, and told me he wanna create a SMS portal where by user can by a Card from him and log in with a secret Pin on the card and they can login to the website and with th Issue Card and they will be able to send An SMS pls how do i do this i wanna use PHP/MYSQL to archive this I'm confuse any help ???


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How much do you know about PHP/MYSQL?

This is a matter of security authentication issue. Are you familar with encryption?

Yah. i'm good with PHP/MySql and familiar with encrption.. so if you've done one before i will like to see the demo and you can sent it to info@smartsoft-ng.com Thanks in Anticipation.

Okay I did alittle google search, and I may have found the thing your looking for, you can implement it with mambo. Heres the link:


Think it has basically what you want, you could try modify it to your needs if it hasnt.

Hope that helps!

Good luck with the client. :)

if you know the service provider you can just email it to there cell number, since that is how most sms messages are sent.

for instance if your cell number was 800-555-1212 and your company is verizon, then you could just email:


as far as that whole pin thing, your on your own, tmobile, cingular, voicestream all have there own domains that work. the only thing I can foresee happening is that if you send to many messages you might get filtered out by the cell companies.

Hi there

I can provide you with a SQL Create script to create the Mysql tables and soe PHP code to manage the sending of SMS messages. This will handle the sending of SMS as well as the delivery receipts. It makes use of queues where you insert SMS messages to be sent.

Let me know if you are interested.

HI smartsoft,

Are you asking about the login/registration system or just the sms sending from php?

For the sms:

1) Phone Providers Email to SMS gateway
There's quite a few ways you can send sms from a php script, however, all are indirect methods (php cant send sms messages by itself, kinda like saving to a database, you need the db api)

You can use the feature provided by most cell providers that Paradox814 mentioned. Where you just send an email to:


The provider will receive the email and then forward the email to the user's phone. I think this is the easiest to use.

2) Third Party SMS Gateway

There are also numerous websites that provide an API that allows you to send SMS/txt through their SMS "Gateway" or SMS webservice.

The thrird party sms gateways usually offer different services, like email to sms, or SOAP to SMS, (any web based protocol to SMS) etc.

Since a php server is linked only to the web, and not to an SMS network, 3rd party gateway links the web to the SMS network.

So if you send them an email, they'll forward it to the user via the SMS network. (Some just use the " Phone Providers Email to SMS gateway" which is a bit crappy, but many have their own links the SMS network).

If you make a SOAP call, they'll translate that SOAP request into an SMS message and send it over the SMS gateway.
Same for any other webservice call.

The advantage of the 3rd party gateway is that they offer other features not possible with the Email gateway provided by the Cell Company for users phones.

They most likey offer tracking of the SMS, and stuff like that, and may do your accounting for you etc.

If you want to work with an SMS gateway, what you're actually doing is working with the web protocols, like, Email, SOAP, REST, XML-RPC etc.
They are all socket based protocols, and PHP is good at this. (see php manual for sockets (also called streams), or fsockopen, fopen etc.)
There's also a lot of open source scripts that hide the socket layer from your code and provide an API to interact with web services (eg: nusoap for PHP SOAP clients and servers).
MOst the web services are XML based, there's alot of xml parsers out there for php. (nusoap for example will do the xml parsing for you).
Email is the only txt based one, but that has been abstracted php functions in php like mail() and the IMAP/POP functions.

Most the 3rd party gateways are commercial.

3) Create your own TXT to Web Gateway

You can also purchase hardware to connect your server to the TXT network.
Theres a bunch of equiptment out there for windows that are easy to use and can even be connected to yoru home computer.
These will provide an connection to the txt network, then call a script, like php, that will receive the message.
Saving to the db, and sending your txt over the web etc is up to the script.

good searches are: sms gateway, sms windows gateway, sms linux gateway, sms api (soap api, rest api, email api etc.) etc.


http://www.mambotastic.com/ is actually an implementation of a third party sms gateway Client as a Mambo/Joomla CMS Component. (You'll need mambo or joomla/installed to install the component and use it)
I cant remember the website that offers the web service right now, its a popular one. What the Component does is connect to this web service for you. plus im too lazy to search...

If you want to work with the web service itself, you can just do a search, or look through the php code for where they'll have something like fsockopen('http://webservice_url.com/etc/etc/')
I believe the component mentions it too...

I'd recommend working with the web service directly. Its more flexible.

Hi digi-ether, you seem to know php pretty well. I am novice programmer, engineer by vocation, but I want to build a SMS/databse/web-based system that uses permission-based marketing combined with a notification service (and then get wealthy!). Can you help me?

There are a couple applications on the web that make good models. Two are Universty applications: Florida State U in Tampa (MoBull Messenger) and Illinois state (DawgTel). They use Air-2-Web software to go from web to phone. The business model looks good to me. They get local retailers, resturants, etc to issue coupons in form of SMS message. The retailers pay $0.10 per message sent. The students go to web site, sign on, and select which cupons/promotions they will allow.

Would like to here from you. AC

Hi there

I can provide you with a SQL Create script to create the Mysql tables and soe PHP code to manage the sending of SMS messages. This will handle the sending of SMS as well as the delivery receipts. It makes use of queues where you insert SMS messages to be sent.

Let me know if you are interested.

i'm very interested please email me..

*i'm gonna this feature for my thesis..thanks!:p

Hi friend...I have been into this SMS gate way stuff ..I used many sms gateways like OZEKI ,Mcore etc. ...But the problem is all of them are paid softwares and so it does have limitations.So i tried making an sms gateway of my own and by gods grace i succeded.I used Serial port communication using c#.net and AT commands for communicating with the modem. ..Its working perfectly for me.I can send and receive sms using this ... I put some tutorials in my website

I know this tutorial is not complete,but it covers the most tedious task i faced,ie to convert text message to PDU format which most mobile phones recognizes. The rest is not that tough

I can get you the code if you need.Please contact me ...
Or else if u prefer using OZeki ,here is the tutorial for using those kind of stuffs


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