hi all,
i am developping a c# asp.net web app and i have a few questions please.

1- i want to make visible a dropdown list when a certain radiobutto is checked.
2- i want to add this dropdownlist to the same Groupe name as the radio button ( could not find it the dropdownlist properties...).
3- I have 2 different GroupeNames. if i select any item in the groupename 1 , then any item in groupe name 2 will be deselcted.
(i.e switching between groupenames).
4- i want to put a default value that appears on the dropdownlist before any selection.

is it possible and how
thanks for all of you guys.


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All things you said are possible and are reasonably simple. But I would suggest you to use javascript ( or any other client side scripting language) for these tasks for better performance.

tnanks for the reply,

what do you siuggest for me to use.?


download ajax extensions and ajax control toolkit, watch some video tutorials about ajax control toolkit, it will be hard for you to write some javascript if you are not good at it yet, but ajax controls can handle those things without you writing anything.


I have a query, on select of a radiobutton, data in dropdowlist should appear... after that i click search button, grid shld appear with data. I have done this in javascript, can anyone suggest how to do this in c#?

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