Hi, i need a little help here, in my app i've created 3 users by ASP Web Site Administration Tool and i want each user to be redirected to different pages from the login.aspx.

i.e. username1 enters his username and pw, press the login button, he should be redirected to page1.aspx.

username2 enters his username and pw, press the login button, should be redirected to page2.aspx ... and so on, so basically the page to be displayed to the user should depend on the Username.

What happens is when any of them tries to login, he's redirected to the default.aspx page, how can i manage to do this?.


Solved, Response.Redirect("~/Page.aspx");

In Username1
In Username2
In Username3

Hellooooo buddy
you can take a string and give the path of page in database
with the help of insert query and when the user enter his user id aur password then fetch the path of that page in sql server