hello. i've been working on a website and everything works/looks fine except when viewing the site with firefox on a mac...

one of the pages has two frames that should work at the same time when a link is clicked on the page. however neither appear. i have another page which has only one frame and it is working fine. so i'm thinking there must be something in my code which is making it impossible for the two frames to work smoothly in firefox. i hope this makes sense...

here is the problem page (with two frames, one to the left of the links and one above the links):

and this page works fine (with one frame to the left of the links):

if anyone can shed some light i'd really appreciate it, thankyou.

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On the mentioned web page there are no frames, only inline frames; they are different things and also handled differently.

In the second URL you posted, the function invoked on a link click is loadintoIframe() while for the first URL you posted, the function invoked is getPages() . Changing the function call in the first page to javascript:loadintoIframe('myframe','text17.html'); seemed to work. Maybe invoking the loadintoIFrame function twice, once with 'myframe' and the next time with 'myframe2' might solve the issue at hand.

Don't use the javascript: i.e. javascript pseudoprotocol, it's not required. When developing with Firefox, make sure you use the Firebug addon which adds capabilities like javascript debugging and many other goodies. Your web page doesn't have a DOCTYPE declaration which makes the browser go in quirksmode which loosely means that the rendering engine won't know which HTML specification to follow when rendering the markup.

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