I have an apllication to verify the user identity using database(Oracle 9i).I used JSP for page design & servlet for interacting with the database.I made necessary changes in the web.xml file & saved the .class file in classes folder and servlet in src folder all of which lies under JSPMultipleForms folder.I started the tomcat server in the usual manner and it started succesfully.But when i tried http://localhost:8080/JSPMultipleForms in the address bar HTTp status 404.

If you want to invoke the JSP page then you will have to use the following URL:-

When you call only http://localhost:8080/JSPMultipleForms/ , you basically are calling the context root of your Web application and Tomcat will try to search for files mentioned in your <welcome-file-list> (in you applications web.xml), and the first file found in that list would be displayed whenever you call this link but since you have most probably not mentioned any files there it assumes the defaults like index.html and index.jsp etc, and hence displays 404 Error when it cannot find them.