Hi am a new programmer and i am a CS/Graphics major. i have already learned Python, xHTML/CSS and i am in the current stage of learning java( i don't think this top portion really mattered)

my question is what should i learn next? PHP or Ruby on Rails? i am confused on which one to learn. i would like to learn both but i don't know which one i should learn now in order to make the other easier/better to understand

i know that PHP is a scripting language and that RoR is a framework of Ruby.

Thank you all for reading my question :)

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If you already know python and want to learn a web language you might want to consider Django, a web framework in Python. Would be easier than learning a new language.


I looked at Django and i am not really interested in learning it.maybe in the future.


Syntactically the shortest leap is Ruby, which was influenced by Python. PHP on the other hand has a stronger backing from Perl and C.


i think i am going to look into PHP to learn the back end and hopefully this will help learning the other web frameworks easier

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