'am a beginner & am busy designing a site that has simple order-form which captures details of a cust and submit them throuth as an email using php, which works fine.

my problem is i added 2 list boxes, one(as a drop-down) pre-populated with items-to-order which allows the user to add items in-need to the second list box...

how do i sumbit all values of the 2nd list box along as an email. My code currently is:
$listbox2 = $_POST('listbox2')
$message .= "items on order are: ";
$message .= $listbox2;

which doesn't work.

Please Help !!!!

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you need to use brackets:

$listbox2 = $_POST['listbox2'];

is the select box multiple or not. is it returning only one value.

Thanks for the correction kkeith29

just made a typing error there.. my current code is currently as:

$listbox2 = $_POST; & still do not run well..

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I assume your 2nd listbox holds multiple items and therefore your posted listbox should be an array of items,e.g. $_POST[0], $_POST[1], etc. Use a for or while loop until count($_POST) to retrieve the items. Don't know if this will work - how is your 2nd listbox populated and are you multiselecting? I thought a simple listbox (select widget) just gave you the selected value on posting.

If you are posting to the same page (not recommended), then you will overwrite your $variable. Perhaps you could use a $_SESSION variable as a quick fix to hold this data?

I want to use list box with php through email

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