Is It possible?
Tried this but all i see is blank haha

while ( 
String c=rs.getString("ProductID");
String d=rs.getString("ProductName");
String e=rs.getString ("ProductImage");
out.print("<option value="+c+"><img border=0 src=\"picture/" + e + "\" width = \"170\" height=\"157\"></option>");

ANy one with recommendations on how to make a picutre based drop down list

Hi Dreamer,

It is possible to set an image as a background for an <option>.

Using CSS, you can set the style of the <option> like width, height, color, background-image, etc.., But IE fails to support this, it simply shows the text. If you view in Mozilla, it works fine.

Try it once. Its Obviously possible.
Check in the following site

I'm not sure what Firefox you using, but my one is up-to-date and I have no problem to see this effect. It is not exactly the programmable drop down as you tried to do but it does the job

After trying various ways i found alternative =p thanks for the help =)

i put it in a
<div style="overflow: auto; width: 780px; height: 530px;">


thus it is still equally neat.

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