i got a problem wiht path for userfileupload for fckeditor in cakePHP

i used in config.php of fckeditor as
$Config = '/tours/app/webroot/files/images' ;
for my localhost with xampp

but it is not working for uploading the files with fckeditor
it says '/tours/app/webroot/index.php/images' cannot be created.

i think its a problem with the .htaccess of the cake at webroot

any help will be appreciated ..

Can you post your few lines of upload code so that I can see what have been there . Have you used php_self method ?

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Hold on, I just noticed...your error...


You can't create this directory coz it's rubbish. Your directory should be /tours/app/webroot/files/images. You've messed up on your concatenation (string building) somewhere.