Im looking for a test site so I can check my ASP scripting. anyone know a website or company that i can register and get a free account so i can test ? My ISP does not support ASP. Im also looking for CGI hosting ? If possible ?



Evil Genius

Welcome to TTF! Anyways, as far as ASP, try:

It offers:

Free Deluxe Features

  • 100 MB of Space
  • Instant Account Activation
  • Online Control Panel
  • Online Unzip Capability
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • WAP
  • Active Server Pages Support - ASP 3.0
  • Free Database Connectivity:
    • MS Access databases
  • Macromedia Shockwave support

I suggest you take a look at our "Web Hosting" section of TechTalk Forums for more information:

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If you need a host that supports anything for asp your going to have to pay some money. Many free host do not support email, MSSQL databases, upload components, and a lot of other advanced things in asp.

Or you can install IIS on your computer and test it there. That would save you a lot more time testing and coding asp.

I personaly run IIS on my computer to code/test my scripts. Then when im done i upload the finished code to my website. Having to code with ASP and ftp each change takes way to long to develope something.