I need a bit of guidance please, I want to place a feedback page on a small site I am working on. The form will have 4 options per question. I would like the results of feedbacks to be available to admin only in 2 ways:
# as graph (1 graph per question).
# in its form state, not as email, stored on the server.
Any advice, tutorial or snippets very very welcome
Thank you

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There are a HUNDREDS of pHp and ajax polls available. It depends what format you want. Graphs as pie charts, bar graphs etc. Some are free, some low-cost. Some sites provide host polls free of charge, but include advertising. You could include these in an iframe on your page.

Do you need a managed solution (e.g. hosted account), an integrated script or a "roll-your-own" solution?

Creating your own graphs on the fly will probably require knowledge of the GD/GD2 graphics libraries, unless you get a script.

You may find the .net magazine article useful: