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Im really sick of thinking every night and day on how to get the sum of all the value in such field. Assuming that ive already have a recorset which is filtered with a username "john", when john views his account, i want to sum up all the payments of john in a mysql field called "payment" which is filter by "yearlevel" and "section". After the filter i will display the sum in a table in a page.!

I really dont know the process of doing this.Pls help.!

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Thank you a million guys.!

thank you sir.ive found it very helpful.!thank you very very much everyone for all the help.!

By the way how can i get and edit a particular row value in mysql table.Example to get the diffirence value of the second row of the field "payment" minus the value of the first row of the field balance- then i will display it in the next row of the field balance again.Illustation below.

balance payment

When the page load i want the starting balance to be deducted to all the payments of the user and display the remaining balance in the balance filed until it will be succesfully paid.

Pls help. I dont really know. Is it possible.?

Thank you very very very much.!

God bless and peace on earth.