I have web app deployed on weblogic 9.2. There are several reports, each having a input jsp, a output jsp, a java support bean and a export page to export output generated to excel file.

The user feeds input through input jsp. The output jsp reads ip parameters & instantiates a supportbean, which in turn gets input & after processing gives output.

Now, there is a need for some reports to automatically get fired, let say every hour from 9 to 5, and output excel file be emailed.

How it can be implemented?

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For mailing you can check the Java Mail API..
For writing the reports to an Excel proprietary format you will need Apache POI I guess.

Now for it to get automatically fired, I guess you need to create a small application (maybe in Core Java) which will run round the clock, and at specified time intervals (specified in its configuration file or maybe in the database) will fire a request on your JSP page using the required parameters. So for this you will need to know how to perform an HTTP Post / Get request on a remote URL via Core Java, so here is an example on that.

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