I'm learning ASP.NET. I have installed Free ASP.NET Web Development Tool , which is Webmatrix, but when i'm using this tool to create web forms its not user friendly, because it is hard to move objects from one place to another place. I have created couple of web forms but it took me more than two days. I have experiance with the vb 6.0 it was very user friendly, but Webmatrix is not. So, could any one tell me what is the good tool to use for developing web pages very fast.
I'm thinking is it my computer fault, because i'm using sony P II 233mhz and Windows 2000 operating system. So, please advise me. That would be great help full.
Thank you in advance.

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You can use dreamweaver .. its very good for jsp and asp and many others.

But i want to create dynamic web pages. Because i need to connect database and do insert,update, and delete transactions. So, is this possible using Dream viewer?
Please advise me.

Thank you.

Please...do not spend any money. Why would you do that when Microsoft is providing free tools to develop .Net applications? There are tools for web and database development. The "Express" tools are free and provide a great way to learn the technology. The MSDN site has tons of information and training tools, sites, etc...

See: http://lab.msdn.microsoft.com/express/vwd/

Using VB 6 IDE is going to be user friendly because you pay for a lot of functionality with the IDE. (if that is what you are refering to) The web matrix is there for a fast free alternative to Visual Studio.net, VB.NET, or C#.NET. yes it takes more time with the web matrix but that is to be expected being free. I would suggest personally you use Visual Studio.NET scince it is specialized in all kinds of development using the .NET framework. It does cost money though but is well worth it in the end. If however you cant get VS.NET or another IDE like it. I would stick with the WebMatrix once you get use to it it is actually quite nice.

I have never used Dreamweaver for ASP.NET but i hear it is not bad but costs like 400 dollars. not sure though. If it does cost that much i would suggest you just buy VS.NET for a little more. I have seen it as low as $520usd.

Those are my recommendations. Hope they help.

Thank you very much for your help, but few days ago i bought a VS.Net on ebay for less than hundred bucks and waiting for that software. Once i got that need to install and try it how it works.
Any way i really appriciate for your suggestions.

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