Hi, all
i have one project about doing pizza ordering system using PHP+XML
So about the design website part i already have bunch of ideas.
The part make me stuck is the XML part.
The following is what required:

  • .

Spend some time thinking about how best to represent this menu as XML, keeping these goals in mind:

  • 1

It must be easy for someone less technical than you to make changes to the menu. The XML should be straightforward to read and alter.

  1. 2

You must somehow keep track of each item’s category, name, price(s), size(s), and description, if any.

  1. 3

You should avoid duplication of data. Just because Three Aces sells Tomato & Cheese pizzas in two sizes, that doesn’t mean “Tomato & Cheese” needs to appear twice in your file!

  1. 4

Your model should be extensible. If Three Aces eventually decides to sell medium pizzas, they shouldn’t need to call you!

Any ideas will be really appreciated and BOW.

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Well first it might help to actually list what is required instead of putting . and numbers. Also, we are not PHP contractors. We can help you with code that's already written (or in the process of) but we aren't here to write a full site and hand it over to you. If you would be intersted in coding this yourself, W3Schools has a great PHP tutorial that should get you started. Try it here.

Seems like a homework question to me! :)

Well its an assignment.
Just want to have some ideas, didn't ask for code or anything.

1. Read up on XML
2. Read up on PHP (especially Multidimensional and associative Arrays - they will help no end on this sort of project)
3. Look at other peoples (open source) work for ideas
4. Design
5. Find flaws in design
6. Start coding
7. Ask Daniweb for assistance if something doesn't work (and provide relevant code snippets)

Hope that's enough to get you going.

Well, i am kind of open source fan!!

Well, i am kind of open source fan!!

I do not think you will find any readymade opensource php code base for pizza ordering .

i didn't want to find it in opensource anyway
Just mean i am a fan.

i suggest just building a cms, with a simple cart system, and using perhaps paypal or something like that to accept online payments.
Personally i do not use xml, but will be glad to help you with PHP aspect if it.
Im stuck for a project at the moment!


Would it not be easyer to use some sort of SQL (MySQL) database?

yes, i think so.
But this is kind of assignment.

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