Newbie: I am executing a query that outputs mutiple lines and pages of potential players for a golf match. The name is displayed and a checkbox. If the checkbox is checked, an email is to go to the person on the line that has been checked. Being a newbie, I have no idea how to process each line individually after the form has been submitted since the name of the field is the same on each line. Help please.

What you need to do is loop over each value and do an update sql statement to insert a flag to say that you have emailed the player.
You will also need to concatenate a number against the form input names to generate unique names.
You can get the value back out of these parameters by using the evaluate function before insertion into the db.
To email each player, you will need to loop over a cfmail code block .
Its pretty straight forward when you get your head around what needs to be done.
Do you know how to write cfc's?
Is so you could write a function that would handle all of this. I have written many functions in my applications to handle thistype of updating.
Have a go first and post your code, from there i can help you build on the app if you like.