I have access to a folder on a server and I am running my website from there.
I can access the site with ftp, even eith a line in the address bar of IE

I have used this access to download the appropriate files to set up an ASP upload facility. (It works fine when tested on my local machine).
When I go to the URL and try to upload the file I get "Permission Denied".
Unfortuantely I have no ability to change permissions (nor can I contact the server administrator - along story, and legal!).

Surely there is some way of incorporating the username and password into the ASP script in order to overcome the problem! (after all, I CAN write files to the Uploads folder when I use ftp!)

I have an inkling that one way round it is to incorporate the passowrd and username into a log-in script, so that anyone who logs in will be able to upload but how is this done?

I assume this is a common concern and the answer is out there (surfing has not yet brought it to my shore!)

My suggestion on this is to find out what the permissions are. Any scripting language is very picky about permissions. If you are going to have people upload on to the server then you need to make sure that the IUSR_COMPNAME has write access to that foloder. If you don't have those permissions, you are going to really have a hard time doing that. I would contact the techsupport at your host or something of that nature.

Ask the tech support of your hosting company on what folder in your web root has read,write and execute permission. This happened to my site when I first set up the photo upload. You can use the cgi-bin folder in your web root which has read,write and execute permission.