Hi guys, hope you can help me. I've created a form in Dreamweaver (using the insert record wizard) which is linked to a MYSQL database. Trouble is once all the information is inputted and submitted I want the page to reload itself again so I have a fresh form to insert data again. For some reason it redirects to a new htm page (and not the PHP page I originally started with) e.g data.htm and not data.php. Any ideas would be appreciated.

What does the action attribute of the form - tag say?


yes, check that; otherwise, just use header() function to redirect to desired page

A script can call itself by: $PHP_SELF (v4) or _SERVER (v5).

To make it happen in HTML, you simply need to add a statement like:

<form action="_SERVER" method="post">

Make sure you use the appropriate conditional so that the script does not get in a loop, i.e. if ($safe_to_proceed) { ... }. Similary if you wish to call your $PHP_SELF script direct from the script itself then we're talking recursion. So be forewarned that recursiuon is great but best used ONLY on simple tight algorithms.