Hi Friends!
I have started building my first professional project(actually a web portal). that is kind of business project. I need full membership features. now what you think? If SqlMembership Povider in asp.net is enough for a professional application or not. should i create a custom membership provider.
which one is better. How about security?
you know in real systems for example we need many informations not exists in Create User Wizard Web Control in asp.net(like address,...)
and there is some ways to add these costom infos to the wizard or ASPNETDB database file and I think this causes chaos in application.
please help me to know which type of membership provider is better for pro projects. sqlmembership Provider or a custom sqlmembership Provider???
thank u.

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i think inheriting from sqlmembership provider is better, if that is what you mean by custommembership provider. Or you can create your own role and member classes and database tables without inheriting any of the builtin classes, which will make your application more flexible. in professional applications, asp.net security is not used so often, i dont quite know why. forms authentication used with custom member and user classes..

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