I'm currently using Fedora Core 3 and BlueFish to create my internet site.
I'm quite new in this wonderful world and would like to know the following :

In an internet page, how can I create a command button which increases an integer everytime somebody will click on it ?
(this integer has to be an internal variable)

How can I display this integer value on the internet page ?

How can I temporary backup the content of a text form ?

I thank you for your help,

i dont know the windows equivalant of visual basic but you could probably use that to create the code.

How can I temporary backup the content of a text form ?

I always make backups for my sites in a WordPad text file. It doesn't change the formatting and dreamweaver and some of those other things I tried to use just confused me. I am constantly blowing away pages or even whole message boards so I have found that if I put it in a WordPad file, I can very quickly restore everything in just minutes instead of the days/weeks that it used to take me. I also automatically email myself a copy (to a web based email) of the code just to be on the safe side. I tend to not be very good at burning backup cds.