Hi Guys

I have a problem.I have a GridView with a LinkButton.
I need to click in this Linkbutton to open a Modal Pop Up but I need to send the ID field together to recover it in the next page (modal pop up).

How can I do it, please?

I am trying this way but there is a wrong in anyplace.

<asp:LinkButton ID="LinkButton3" runat="server" CommandName= "PegaID" CommandArgument='<%#Eval("REL_ID")%>' OnClientClick="openModal('Documentos.aspx?rel_id='+<%#Eval("REL_ID")%>, 800, 600);'"><%#Eval("REL_DOCUMENTO")%></asp:LinkButton>

Can you help me please.

Thanks a lot


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You can use modal pop up extender from ajax.check this link

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Thanks a lot for yoyr help my friend

Actually I am not using Ajax yet I am using JavaScript
In a near future I´LL be using Ajax but not for while.


hi friends..
i have a gridview with a link button in it. wen i select that particular link button in a particular row...only that row should pop up.help me out..

hi, you may use this code it works. just replace the Category No and the name of the page you will call

                            DataTextFormatString = "[EDIT]"
                            DataTextfield = "Category No"
                            Target = "_blank"
                            Headertext = ""
                            DataNavigateUrlFields = "Category No" 
                            DataNavigateUrlFormatString = "UpdateCategory.aspx?Category No={0}" />   
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