I've got a series of buttons that take the user to the same page. Different information is passed to the PHP page effecting the behavior or the page. The functions work but the problem is that for each button not pressed, a Notice is displayed.

Is there a switch I can use to turn off notice error reporting for a single page? Is there perhaps a more effeicient way of tunneling information through buttons that does not generate notices?

Currently I am using isset instead of empty.

Notice: Undefined index: Update in ****.php on line 6
Notice: Undefined index: Add in ****.php on line 16
Record deleted!

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More code would be helpfull however if your functions working and all is ok I would suggest just adding an '@' before whatevers going wrong. This stops php from echoing an error.

Alternatively, you could use


That turns off error reporting completely.

Really hope this helps

Found this helpful, add to my reputation. I need it :(

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