i have a page that created in asp.net and i'm using microsoft visual studio 2008. when my page is access in other computers that different resoulution the data of the page are disarrange like the images, label, textbox and others.. pls help me how can i fix this problem.... ty advance

Sorry for the very general answer but the question is very general too! I suggest you look up some sites dealing with web design, CSS, web standards and probably table layouts too. These are really basic things you should know before attempting to build a web site.

Visual studio can do many things for you, but it does require a basic understanding of the above topics I mentioned. Also, when you develop you should be using multiple browsers to check the cross browser compatibility of your work. Step 1 is being aware that sites do look different in different browsers, that you have already achieved, so the next step is to work out how to make them work in all the major browsers, or at least IE, firefox and safari.

One book which taught me alot is Web Standards and Solutions by Dan Cederholm, it is very entertaining while at the same time giving you real world examples of CSS design techniques.

Good luck!