Hi there,
Im creating a rating system in .jsp and im doing trial and error to figure out how to solve it. Here's the structure of the rating system.

I have a jsp page call 'ListPhotos.jsp' of all the different images and directly below every image there is a hyperlink 'Rank'. When the user clicks on it, the image that the user has selected to rate is displayed on another jsp page call 'Rank.jsp'
In the 'Rank.jsp' page, user can see the image, the rating number from 1 to 5 and checkboxes to select. Once user press the submit button, the rating numbers will be saved in 'saveRank'.jsp and in the sql database.

Im trying to do 1 thing a step at a time. On which page must i apply request.getParameter="" and <a href = "Rank.jsp?file=""> for the 'Rank' hyperlink to pass the parameter to the Rank.jsp page and display the selected image.? Anyone out there who is able to help.?

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Please post the actual problem with suitable code. I think you have a problem in formatting - html/jsp string.

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