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mod deleted my post.. first time in my life
that's okay, i'll make a class for my own anyway


Alright, I'll try to help then. After some deep googling, I found this:


It's written for jQuery, but I'm sure that MooTools has its equivalents. If you need any help, ask :)

edit: In fact, if you change the images to text elements, it works exactly how you need it to. Good luck!


I'm coding a simple one right now.. It's good, but kinda' jaggy and jumpy animations. but.. WOW this is just what i was looking for..

I stayed away from jQuery as much as I can to get my head fills up with mootools first. I guess i wasn't googling deep enough ;p
I'm gonna try to convert this to mootools.

i was gonna leave this forum but Thanks Jared, you made me change my mind to share my findings here :D
I'll post updates as soon as i nailed it

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