Hi there,

I'm searching for a tool that access a website and acting as a client.

I need this tools to do,

1. browse a website.
2. login as a normal client.
3. doing some activities for a specific time I defined.
4. eventually, logout

Can anyone tells me where to find this tools??

I need it to evaluate the scalability of my web application.

Many thanks

Look up cURL, It allows posting, cookies and lots of other stuff

Thank you samarudge.

This is not exactly what I want. :(

I need a software work like this:
1. I specify such a scenario(s) to be recorded.
2. The program itself simulate the scenario as recorded for multiple session. (It looks like multiple clients working over a website)

Is it clear now, I HOPE

So wait...you want a web application programmed in PHP that can monitor your activity on a website that will then simulate the activity again? By simulate do you mean to reproduce with the exactly same interactivity that you had before? (In that case, do your tests and note what you did then whenever you need to present what you did, open the website and follow your notes). If what you are looking for is something to record a video of what you are doing that would allow views so see everything you do on your computer screen.....then this is not the right place. I can point you to a good software for this. It's called CamStudio. It's a screen capturing program that's pretty simple to use. Google search for it and download it (It's free!) and then simply record your "scenarios". And if that's not what you are looking for, could you please be a bit more descriptive about what you want.