i wanna implement an text search engine ......... that will find the given text from all webpages of my website ..... .... is it possible to implement ??? (m newbye in jsp) .

if not what are other options ???

any related idea ?????

thanx in advance.

thanx bob...

but still the confusion remains .........
is it possible to create a text search engine in jsp .... or js ??
if yes whats the concept behind tht ....

I could only answer, the 'other options' part
I had no reason to reinvent the wheel
The search results from Freefind are good, and are template/css/script styleable to the site

anyone else with any other idea ..........???

Storing articles content in database and then dynamically recreating page is one option as database would provide you with easy way to search.
Searching through number of files (doesn't matter XML, HTML, TXT) is another option but this will be time consuming

IMO you`d better consult an experienced person how to do it. There are a lot of small things to take in account